Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make-Up Adventure: Before Debut

It had been a pretty boring day for me. I was stuck the whole day reading research papers. That's why I'm more than happy when a friend of mine asked me to do her make-up for a debut she'll be attending. So here I am armed with my brushes. 

Both brushes are from Elianto. I bought them because they were discounted. I am actually quite disappointed with these brushes but probably it just takes some getting used to.

I am still beginning my make-up journey and on this blog, I will share to you my finds.

 Any black haired and brown eyed girl should be able to relate with me and I hope you'll share this journey with me. Of course, all other girls are welcome too.

I am also a bit of a sentimental girl hence my love for poetry.

And so, I hope to bring you the best that I can in the two things that I love: poetry and beauty.

I hope you'll watch out for my future posts!


  1. wow . i wanna have a brush just like that >.<

  2. hello.. you have nice site.. informative post. pretty ;)

  3. @april it's not a very good pair of brush.

    @mikexplorer thanks. but its not really informative


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